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There are not so many words to describe how grateful I am to Kamal for allowing me to participate in the life of these wonderful people!
Today it is my seventh day here in Nepal and it seems I have been here forever! My host family is simply amazing, they treat me like I am their daughter/sister (even tough they thought a boy was coming !!) and they are teaching me so many new things about their culture and habits. Every day is a discovery!
I am slowly 'learning' the Nepali language and everyone is really patient with me, always ready with a big smile! This experience is exceeding all my expectations !!
I am volunteering for the environmental awareness program in a local school in Sanga and I feel that this is a great help for the future generations of this country, the kids are very curious and quick learners. In terms of environment protection a lot has to be improved, but I am positive that with people like Kamal and the many volunteers that every year come to Nepal the people will learn and develop for the best.
I also want to thank Rajesh - he has been of great help and has been a wonderful guide, I love our daily meetings, we drink chiya and discuss ideas for improving the community's awareness.
My first week has been overwhelmingly full of events and emotions, and I am looking forward for the next ones to come in this breathtaking nature.
Thanks FUN-Nepal!! Keep on going like this!

Coming to a new country can be very overwhelming; especially one with such a different culture, but being met at the airport by Kamal and taken to my lovely host family in Kathmandu made things much easier. They took great care of me and I spent two days sightseeing and understanding the Nepali language and culture. This is very important as it allows you to enter a new culture respectfully and enjoy it as much as possible. After a few days settling in it's great to finally be at the Woman Empowerment program and I’m very excited to start a project and hopefully form long lasting relationships. FUN-Nepal allows you to have a very unique insight into Nepali life and is a vital experience to have when coming from a totally different world.
Louisa Williams.
UK, 5th July.
Volunteer for Women Skill Development program in Nepal.

Wonderful people of the world,
I'M BACK! Three years after being the first FUN-Nepal volunteer, I have returned to this incredible country that I have missed so much.
I fell in love with people and places before, and being reunited was perfect. My Nepali language skills came back to me, my hunger for dal bhat returned and I felt at home and at peace immediately.
Kamal is still ones of my greatest friends, and seeing him in the UK was an honour. I didn't see him in KTM as he was away, but I had a wonderful surprise after a week with my family in Chtiwan, when he woke me and the first thing I saw of the day was his beaming smile.
I've also had the privilege his lovely wife, Roma, and they are a great match! I'm still sorry that I missed the wedding. My Nepali family, Krishna, Sita, Bishnu, Bikash, Anju, Bijaya and Binaya, have made some big changes in their lives and it's been great to be a part of them. I'm still "kanchi chori" and really do consider them equal to my UK family. They are all so kind, friendly, funny (and cheek) and I'm going to miss them even more, if that's possible. Perhaps soon Bijaya will get married, and then I will come back again even sooner than expected.
As ever, FUN-Nepal, has been a huge part of my stay here. As UK coordinator, I receive many emails from prospective volunteers and it's nice to see that some have followed through and come here to enjoy the country themselves, not just my stories.
I hope to promote FUN-Nepal in schools, colleges and universities, and encourage even more people to have an amazing life experience.
Perhaps a big volunteer reuion is something we could all make happen?

Love to all, friends, family, new and old volunteers,
Alice xxx

We Are Here!!
It was a long time waiting for coming to this amazing country, and finally, we are here!
We’re living in a great family, in Kirtipur, nice people all around.
The permanent smile on their faces makes everything much more easier.
We spent our first days taking Nepali classes with the best teacher (thanks Binita!) And as there is always time for fun, Hambrid took us to sight seen. Thank you for you too, Spanish- Nepali guide. And of course with Kamal’s skill everything you can imagine is possible.
Be Paulu, I’ve started to work in Kirtipur Hospital, at the pharmacy Department so much to learn, so many medicines to deliver…..
Javi instead, he works as a teacher in the Kirtipur English Boarding School. A very good experience that makes possible to share our lives teaching to and learning for each others.
As both of us work during morning time, we have afternoons for free. Kathmandu and every little detail here is new for us, so there is no time for being bored, no time to waste.
We usually spend the rest of the day discovering Thamel, or just taking a walk around Kritipur area, local people are so mile.
Sometimes there’s time to share some cups of kalo chia in the best company, Kamal and her beautiful wife, Roma.
On the other hand, say that the women we have saved for coming here it’s being a great invasion.
So much special experiences here thanks to Kamal’s help and his famous I’m here we could enjoy a few days in a monastery, teaching adorable little crazy monks it was a experience we hardly forget.
By the moment, we have two weeks more with many plans in our mind. We‘re sure that we‘ll waves forget this experience because a little part of is we‘ll be always here in Nepal.
Plaula and javi
Spain, july.

As you all know that FUN-NEPAL is an organization whose main motive is to help the orphanage. Our organization has been doing this work through our organization many Volunteers had done the different kinds of volunteer works like Teaching in orphanage (Hamro Ghar in Chitwan), Teaching in monastery, Teaching English at Schools, Women Empowerment program, Women Work in Nepal. Like recently our volunteer Mohd Seleem have done volunteering through FUN-NEPAL and the things are contributed by FUN-NEPAL that are supported by Mohd Seleem. He have distributed different things to the orphans like exercise books , color pencils, bottles , t-shirt , pants ,caps etc . Orphanage center called Hamro Ghar and homeless women center, Bharatpur in Chitwan.

FUN-NEPAL had recently contributed the football uniforms (jercy) and footballs to the JKYC local youth club in Chitwan district in Nepal supported by Mohd Seleem. As all the members were so happy and thankful to him.

Thank you Mr .Kamal and the FUN-Nepal team.

“Those who Education Children well are more to be honored than Parents, For These Only Gave Life, and Those Art of Living well”.
– Aristotle-

"Volunteering for positive change in this world is a powerful context for life" -Volunteer Nepal

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