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FUN-Nepal sincerely encourages volunteers to join with us during their visit to NEPAL. We are committed to provide enjoyable days along with social service. Social service is a part of life of mankind and involving there obviously yields different taste of life and FUN-NEPAL is here to make your taste sweet and delicious. Volunteers are contributing their valuable time and service in various sector in NEPAL via FUN-NEPAL. You can find the experience of volunteering.

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Chinese Volunteer (Teaching at School):

I was involved in an one-week teaching program with FUN-Nepal at Kathmandu this year in 2017 and that was an incredible experience for me. I've done so many voluntary jobs in different summer camps and schools, before, but this one is literally my favorite one so far.
I believe this amazing period of time wouldn't have happened without the help of Kamal. He is a man with a genuine and loving heart. The ways he helps and serves people is so inspiring to me, and it makes me wanna do something as meaningful too. For example, he runs this whole business and yet also serves with simple jobs like picking up volunteers and taking care of their needs.
And during the stay at my host family, there's a volunteer from Netherland who suffered a lot from strong homesickness, and I have witnessed that Kamal tried everything with his heart to comfort her and showed her around to make sure she had a good time here. I was really touched by how much he devoted to his job and interacted with people. The friendship with Kamal has became so important to me too, and I definitely want to just visit him next time I come. Besides that, when I live in my host family and teach in school everyday that week, the culture surrounded by me is so authentic and enjoyable. Everybody in the family is nice and caring which enables me to just simply be myself in this foreign land and enjoy what it feels like to be home.
I'm so grateful for this opportunity to get involved with all those amazing people in Nepal, a big thank to Kamal and FUN Nepal! Really encourage those who enjoys cultures and the charming of interacting with people to come, I'm sure you're gonna love it just as I do.
韩青芷 Amber Han
2017.01.25 in China

Australian Volunteer (Teaching at School):

This has been the most amazing experience!
I taught at Kirtipur Boarding School and although I could not stay as long as I had hoped due to Personal reason, Kamal was very understanding.
The Overall organization and planning of my volunteer experience was seamless! I had gotten sick on my third day in Nepal (second day at home stay) and both host family and Kamal were caring and came to visit me throughout the day to make sure I was okay. It really was my home away from home because the host family accepted me immediately and involved me in their festivities such as the celebration of the new moon.
Teaching at the school is an experience I will never forget and even though I could not stay as long as I had hoped, seeing the happiness of children made it all worth it.
Thanks Kamal , host family and School for this amazing experience!
15th of Nov.

Chinese Volunteer (Teaching Program):

First of all, Mr. Kamal is a very nice man. Thank him very for his help and support. I enjoyed a lot during the past two weeks in Dhulikhel. I love teaching the students in the primary school and in the orphanage. The kinds are so lovely and smart. I am so touched by their pure and kind hearts. I love them so much. I love Dhulikhel and Nepal as well. I will find time to come back. I also would like to express my deep gratitude to our host mother. She is such a beautiful and nice woman. I learnt so much from this program. Wish all the kids and people in Nepal all the best, hope they will recover from the earth-quake very soon!------Always love you all,

It is a really precious memory here and I love all the children in the School. I think 1 day I will come back here and I will miss all the children very much. This experience has taught me a lot and it is worthy doing something good here. Thank you very much.
- Summer,

Children here are all like angels and I love them so so so…. Much host family are very nice, especially the mom. We love host mommy very much and her meal. The experience of teaching kids here are precious gifts for us, and we will remember the time in Nepal. Love you all.

Colin Chinese Volunteer (Teaching at School):

Dear all,
I made my volunteering trip to Kathmandu, Nepal in Jan. and Feb. in 2015 through the program of FUN-Nepal, and it has been an unforgettable experience to me. Luckily I could spend 2 weeks with local people who were undoubtedly nice and treating guests with huge hospitality. The volunteering was reciprocal, from which I had learned so much from other people's life and in return I taught lessons to kids there, interacting with people around. Kamal's arrangement was considerate, thoughtful and worthy of any person's trust who came there. He was surely open for coordinating issues with volunteers and willing to make you at the best convenience. If you had some traveling plans, for example, he also offered to take care of your business. Hope more warm-hearted people to come to Nepal helping them indeed. To make a better place of our own "earth group.

Mike's Volunteering (Teaching at School):

Dear FUN-Nepal,
Wow, I don't know where to begin – I have had so many amazing experiences volunteering here in Nepal. First of all, what I really appreciate is how smoothly Kamal organized this program – it was very easy to come and volunteer in Nepal because all it took was a few emails.
Once I arrived in Nepal, Roma and Amrit immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome. Kamal's team was truly wonderful and made the best efforts to make sure I have a smooth stay in Nepal. Sightseeing in Kathmandu was beautiful, and the experience was made even better by how helpful Roma and Amrit were. The Nepali language classes were challenging but Binita was an amazing teacher. The host family in Kirtipur was extremely welcoming and friendly.
There is so much to write that only now I get to the most important and amazing part – my main placement in Shyangja district. After Amrit kindly escorted me on the tourist bus to Pokhara, the next day he escorted me to my placement. The public bus ride was an experience for itself! I was a bit scared by the winding, narrow roads, but Amrit told me not to worry. The host family in Shyangja was ever more amazing. They were so helpful and caring. Although I was a bit shocked by the very simple and traditional way of living at first, they quickly made me feel at home by treating me like their own son. The welcome ceremony at the school the next day was very heart warming. I had a great time teaching at the school. Lila, the principal and host father, made sure I was smoothly integrated in to school. It was great to work with both the very nice teachers and students, seeing them learn throughout the six weeks.
Even though Kamal was in the UK, he was wonderful in managing everything. I even got to visit a health post and a private hospital to observe the medical facilities in Nepal. Unfortunately, my time in Nepal is coming to an end. I can honestly say that is has been an amazing and life-changing experience. Kamal always says, "Don't worry," and it is true. He manages everything so that I didn't need to worry at all. The host father, Lila, became like a brother to me and I miss him already! I will definitely return to Nepal.
Thank you so much, FUN-Nepal.
Good luck and see you again,

Ang Li's Volunteering time in Women Club: Dear FUN-Nepal:
Time flies. 3 weeks passed so quickly and I am about to leave. I am very sad to say goodbye because I really had amazing experience in FUN-Nepal program.
Firstly, thank you all for organizing my daily schedule and managing my everyday arrangements during my placement. I received warm-welcome at the airport by help of Roma, and sightseeing with Roma and Amrit, as well as interesting cultural and language lessons by Binita and Roma. Thank you very much, Kamal! For careful management and humane service to make my stay comfortable and happy. Especially I felt very honored to be invited to Kamal's home in Chitwan, having fun with his family before Teej Festival.
Apart from that, I felt very happy to be with Ideal Home family for 19 days, dedicating the women's empowerment program. Ideal Home provides shelter as well as skill training and mental curement and education for helpless women and children. The days I spent with them made me feel that it is one of the best choices I've ever made! Everyday I did what they do, try to be a part of them. I went to school with kids, taught English for class 8 to class 10. I learnt boutique from the women, watching them making hand-made articrafts. I listened to everyone's past stories, tried to give them more happiness. I helped kids with their homeowkr, taught them learn sharing and stop fighting and beating. I hope that I could do more to help them, but 19 days is obviously too short for me to make a change. I feel very motivated to help them in some other way after my going back to China. People there are very nice and kind. They provided me with delicious food and fruits, also big smiles everyday. 19 days is really short, but we have already created a close tie between each other. We danced together, played games together and joining in some funny programs together. Those days were just unforgettable. Besides, during my stay in Ideal Home, I was invited to visit Our Home, the shelter especially for street boys; Ideal Clinic, a clinic especially for women in order to solve their health problems with less medical expenses; Finance Centre, a cooperated finance centre for helping women to lend money for their own business. These activities allow me to have a deeper understanding about the IWDC organization and some problems in Nepali society. They are very meaningful and inspired me to do more devotion to women and children empowerment.
I am very grateful that I met so many nice and kind people here in Nepal, including my host family in Kathmandu. Host parents and children here are very hospitable. Sharmila is a great cook, always makes delicious food. Family here also took me to the temple to enjoy the Tiger festival. My host father, Krishna, even visited Ideal Home during my placement there in Chitwan. They are the people who showed me the real kindness of Nepali people. I am so lucky to meet you here. Welcome to China and welcome to my home :D.
My placement here in Nepal is a memory that I'll never forget. And I have promised some of my Nepali friends that I'll definitely come back again in 1 or 2 years.
Thank you! FUN-Nepal. For giving me the opportunity to see a different Nepal and the real Nepal! I really enjoy my stay here.
The best of luck for all :D Keep in touch :D
Best wishes,
Ang Li,

Paula's Volunteering in Hospital: Dear FUN-Nepal:
It was a long time waiting to come here, and after spending one month in this amazing country, all I want to say is THANK YOU, DANYABAD, GRACIAS.
Thank you all for letting me participate in this wonderful experience.
Till the very first moment in Kathmandu I felt at home, or even better. We stayed in the best family; their advices and their kindness were so useful. I really appreciate them for being so so nice with us.
What I've liked the most? The answer is: Kirtipur local people, sympathy everywhere, the permanent smile on their faces makes things much easier, they are always trying to help you anyway, and this reminds me to Kamal and his powerful skill, "I am here." He can solve any problem; he will find the solution to any difficulty, not kidding. He helped a lot, I am so thankful to him. I wish him all the luck. I also want to name Roma. Thank you for your kindness, till you pick us up from the airport, I felt so close to you. You are my Nepali didi.
I've worked in Kirtipur hospital (phect), and I've learnt a lot. I was in the pharmacy department. It was a little mad until I learnt all the medicines but after three days I delivered medicines as if I'd been working there all my life. That's because people there were so patience. They taught me everything. I learnt a lot in there. Not only pharmacy things, but also cultural stuff. I made friends there, friends I will never forget. They invited me to Newari restaurants, I tried thon (rice beer), charamari, wo… They took me to their houses to have a tea (kalo chee), they painted my nails and put hena on my hands, also tika, all because they wanted me to look as a Nepali girl, and they got it. At least I feel in some way that a part of me belongs to Nepal.
Best experience for sure, thanks Binita for your lessons. I could communicate with people who doesn't speak in English, otherwise, it'd have been impossible. Thanks Amrit for being our guide and also our friend, I still think you are Spanish, but you don't know it already ;)
This is not a good bye, this is a
Wish you the best!
Paula Rivas de Frutos,

Javi's Volunteering in School: Dear Kamal, Amrit, Binita, Roma. Dear FUN Nepal!
After many months preparing this travel, and now that it is our last day in Kirtipur, I can say, and Paula probably thinks the same, that this "travel" was not only a travel, it was the experience of our lives.
From the first day, everything was so great. After ten minutes in Nepal, just in our arrival at the airport, we saw three kind smiles with a welcome pack and flower necklaces. How to learn and share our experiences in Krishna's family? Thanks to Sharmila and her lovely food every day. Thanks to Krishna, my host father and the principal of the Kirtipur English Boarding School (KEBS) for his patience and for helping me in every aspect of my daily life and work. Thanks to their son and daughter, Sakriya and Tas, for their sympathy. I want to thank as well the opportunity offered for teaching Science and Spanish at KEBS and for learning from its students.
Last but not least, what wonderful days with Amrit writing in Kathmandu and with Binita learning Nepali language and traditions.
Be sure that we will not forget you!
Wish you the best for the future FUN-Nepal!
Javi Fernandez-Castanion,

Ethan's Volunteering in Monastery: Dear, FUN!
Coming to Nepal for the first time is quite a daunting experience, just in the way that the organization is so much different than in Australia. That's why FUN was so good! I didn't have to worry about a thing, Kamal and Amrit took care of everything.
Staying with the host family in the beginning was quite the experience, to say the least! It was so interesting seeing and living with a typical Nepali family, an experience I could not have hoped to get without FUN! The Monastery! Wow, what a place. It is nothing like what I expected. The little monks are so playful and fun! I could stay here forever.
Sorry about being so brief, but I just woke up and my brain isn't functioning yet.
For your first time in Nepal, I would recommend FUN to anyone!
Thanks so much, guys!
I'll see you next time.
With love,

Phoebe's Volunteering time in Kathmandu: 13th.July.
Dear, FUN-Nepal and Kamal,
THANK YOU!! Thank you for this amazing and unforgettable experience. Since the very first email enquiry about the different volunteer programs FUN-Nepal offers, Kamal you have constantly been prompt and helpful in depicting a picture of what to expect in Nepal.I am so grateful that I choose to do my volunteer work through FUN-Nepal. I have wanted to travel and volunteer in Nepal for a number of years now. As I am very interested in teaching English and getting insight into how the health system here in Nepal is organized in addition to wanting to future and learn more about Tibetan Buddhism, Kamal designed a perfect. 4 week program to include all of my interests. From the get go I have considered Kamal family.
My whole experience from the first meeting to the language and cultural training including being taught by the coolest, nicest Nepali teacher (Binita the Bunito Queen) to the farewell departure celebrations went so smoothly. My placement in itself was such an eye-opening experience that I will never forget....
I am truly grateful for these placements. I learnt a lot about the health system, which will future my career in medicine and learnt so much about Nepal, its culture lifestyle and people from all of the placements. It was a great reminder that we are all the same, human's all have the same characteristics needs and wants despite the cultural background and up bring. Which is a great reminder to have whilst travelling. I couldn't ask for a better Nepali family to stay with for my first volunteer placement at kirtipur English Boarding School.
I am so in love with them all and am so thank full for hosting me introducing me to so many as pacts of Nepali + Newar culture. I felt so at home and feel like I will be leaning behind a real part of my family behind. So a visit in the near future to Nepal will be necessary .The school and all my students I taught was such unforgettable experience .I enjoyed learning about all my student, their lives and was so happy to help facilitate and encourage their education. It was very inspiring to see all the hard work Krishna and Sharmila my Nepali Buwa+Aama, put back into the school and community. The placement at the monastery teaching Tibetan Buddhist monks from the age of 7-16 years old was such a fun and great experience. They were super cheeky and so much to hang out with. All with an easy going peace full disposition. Having others Volunteers there who helped planned our English, Maths, Sports lesson's was a lot of fun, so than thank you so much Kamal and these amazing experience.
I will defiantly return to Nepal 200% soon in the near future and already amazing things FUN-Nepal offers.
Thank you.
Name: Phoebe Soebagyo
Activities and service: volunteering Teaching English in KEBS School and Monastery, work at health post and 4 weeks)
Country: Australia.

Kaleem's Volunteering time in Kathmandu:

Coming to Nepal through Kamal's FUN-Nepal organization was one of the best experiences of my life.
The reasons for this being one of the best highlights of my life so far are:
>The spectacular sights and experiences to enjoy in Nepal (the temples, the jungle safari, the shrines, the markets, the breath taking landscapes, etc)
>Meeting the Nepalese people who are best of the nicest people in the world.
>Kamal's excellent organizational skills and his good naturalness and willingness to make the experience fun, productive and meaningful.
>FUN-Nepal excellent programmers with a wide variety of placements and important opportunities to help these who most need support.
>Making life-long friends of local people who are in variable kind, warm and adorable.
>Learning important lesson from the Nepalese people about how to be a good person, how to be happy with what you have and how to have peace.
>Exposure to a culture rich with history art, natural beauty and heritage.
>Although it was a little pricey for me to be here, it was worth every penny: I feel much richer for the experience and am taking a whole list of things away with me:
>A same of good feeling knowing that in my small way helped a range of people (FUN-Nepal, the Buddhist monastery, the local school, the local community, the orphanage, etc.
>Spectacular and rare experiences (eg.living in a Buddhist monastery, jungle safari on elephant back, canoeing down a river ,learning Nepalese, eating Nepalese food etc.
>Finding a string of people and organizations for my charitable endeavours.
>Making a group of life long, trusted friends.
>Finding a beautiful Country steeped in art, culture and heritage that. I would love to return to and eren consider Moring to.
>Picking up a new language and having opportunities to use the languages I already know (Hindi, English, Arabic.
>Possessing a whole host of amazing photo and videos from the trap.
>Creating art and writing inspired by Nepal.
>Experience of other fidds by getting involved with organizations through marketing, advertising, training and publishing.
>Building on and extending my teaching experience.
>Walking away with stunning artifacts through shopping sprees that I earn give to family and friends as gifts. I have loved every minute of my 2 ½ weeks in Nepal and it was all because of Kamal's excellent efforts and the professionalism of his FUN-Nepal voluntary organization program me.
>I will be going back and telling all my family and friends and encouraging them to visit the astonishingly beautiful Country of Nepal.
Name: Kaleem Raja.
Activities and service: Adventure activites and volunteering Teaching English in KEBS School and Monastery 2 weeks)
Country: England.

Christine 's Volunteering School in Kathmandu:

My last day in Nepal, I had lots of sweet memories here in such a pretty country full of cultural diversity, nice people and beautiful scenes. The 20th day volunteering program has been quite a life experience for me.
Starting from the first day. Kamal picked me up in Tribuwan Airport , then I was placed in my warm home stay family, and started teaching in Kirtipur English Boarding School ,till me enjoying the big festival here, every day in Nepal is meaningful. Beside, the Jungle Safari and Pokhara Trekking granted me more opportunities to see the Country from different angles.
I would like to appreciate all the arrangement and good care FUN has provided me and made me feel like home .And I do hope to come back again in Nepal and spend more time in this great place.
Thank you.
Name: Christine Shi.
Activities and service: volunteering (Teaching English in KEBS School– 2 weeks)
Country: China.

Mar's Volunteering time in Kathmandu:

The first time I contact with FUN-Nepal, I realized that it will be a good idea to try a new experience in Nepal. Kamal makes all very easy and I was definitely arrange good programs waking with children and so to health care center, too.
I must buy that this journey will be one of my best experience of my life, and I would like to give all best wishes to Kamal and his staff.
Thank you.
Name: Mar Saliva.
Activities and service: volunteering (Teaching English in School and medical work – 2 weeks)
Country: Spain.

Violet, Mitch and Carol-Anne's Volunteering time in Kathmandu:

Our FUN-Nepal experience was FUN. We volunteered at a monastery for two weeks and taught the children English they had a great time getting to know us and showing us their games and ways living. We also learn a lot from them. Everyone there was very hospitable and welcoming. So our stay was very pleasant.
Kamal helped us a lot in planning our stay in Nepal. He was always there when we needed help and was very efficient in planning our accommodations in different areas.
We highly recommend FUN-Nepal and wish other will share our same experience.
Thank you.
Name: Violet, Micth, Carol –Anne.
Activities and service: Adventure activities and volunteering (Teaching English in Monastery– 2 weeks)
Country: Canada.

Kaori's Volunteering time in Chitwan:

Dear, FUN-Nepal,
Thank you for providing me such a life changing event in my life! This 3 week's program was certainly inspiration. I come to teach music to the children in Nepal, but I feel that they taught me a lot more. Things that people in my country have forgotten were still there in children's heart. I loved seeing those invisible things while working with them.
IDEAL Home is where I stayed about 2 weeks ladies at the women shelter showed a lot of essential things for our lives such as "strength" "respect", "trust" etc. I hope these ladies will have a better place to live after the training.
"Our Home" is where I thought music. Children had shown their "zero-evilness" in their heart. I was amazed by how sweet children can be at this orphans center. I feel that they are my brothers. I'd love to see their growing up, and progress in my future.
Again, thank you to Kamal for giving me such wonderful encounters in my life.
Hope to see you soon!
Name: Kaori Okada
Activities and service: Adventure activities and volunteering (Women empowerment Program in Chitwan – 2 weeks)
Country: Japan.

Mohd's Volunteering time in Chitwan:

I'm seleem from Singapore,Always been travelling around asia,europe n usa as a tourist But when i found out about FUN-Nepal and the programme that they offer for volunteer....i immiedietly sign up for it Mr Kamal help to arrange for the programme as per our discussion over the email....on arrival in nepal,i was met at the aiport by mr Kamal n he was always there when i needed help with anything through out the 1 month stay The first 4days was introduction to the nepali language,culture n also include some sightseeing programme around the Kathmandu area.....stayed at a hotel on top of the hill with a great view of the city The hotel staff were very friendly n helpful,always asking if i neded anything....they even prepare a special dhal bhat dinnner for me during dinner.
Next i went for a 4d3n trekking in pokhara....mr ram was there to welcome me on arrival in pokhara,the next morning we start our trek....he is a great trekking guide,very knowledgeable n it was nice talking to him along the trek....learning about the culture of the people staying around the trekking region.... the trek to the top was fanstastic,great view of the snow covered dhaulagiri from our tea house.
It was followed by a 3 weeks stay with a local host family in the indrapuri village, chitwan....upon arrival in chitwan,i was met by mr Rudra at the city centre,he picked me up n bring me to the host family house on a motobike He the helped to introduce me to the host family..... the host family welcome me with open arms...they help me to settle in very quickly to the new enviroment.... Every morning after breakfast...i went to the local school to interact with the local kids,teaching english n math...although the school was lacking some basic needs....the kids was very eager to learn n are a joyful to teach....everytime i step into the school compound..they will greet me n also invite me to their class,wanting to interact with me.....the teachers are very friendly too...on the last day before school close for the dashain holiday,the school organized a cultural programme show....some showcase their cultural dance while some sang nepali songs to entertained the crowd.
The kids really enjoyed themselves..... The people at fun-nepal also organize a visit to the ideal home,a centre for helpless woman n orphanage children....there we distribute some present which were donated by my kind friends back in singapore.... It was a great learning experience... hearing abt wat they are doing in helping the women n the children to get back in the society by providing them training n also the knowledge they need to have a better future ahead Apart from teaching at the school.
I also was given the chance to coach the local soccer team preparing for the soccer tournament just before the dashain festival At the final game....most of the villagers came down to support the team,We won 5-0 n emerged as champions after which we had a victory celebration,it was a crazy atmosphere the players,fans young n old dancing to the drumbeat n horn played by the village elders all the way back to the village which is 3km from the playing field.....it was an experience i wont forget ever.
The following week....all nepali celebrate dashain....a week long school holiday n celebration My host family,invited me to their grandparents house,where a tika was put on the forehead for good luck I was treated just like one of their family members....food was great n everybody had a great time at dashain I cant thank the host family enough for taking care of me for the 3 weeks staying at their home....they even pack my local favourite snack 'vathmas' for pme to bring home.....the village resource centre official organize a farewell party for me at the club house.....the host family make me a nepali outfit as a parting gift n i wore it to the event.... When its time to say goodbye....i was feeling sad n happy at the same time Sad to leave the village but happy to have met all of them during my stay.
The planning n co-ordinating by mr kamal n the fun nepal team really make sure,i had a wonderful time coming to nepal as a volunteer.....everything was taken care of....from the 1st email right up to the last sending off.....it was indeed a FUN-Nepal trip for me...

Thank you Mr .Kamal n the FUN-Nepal team.
Name: Mohd Seleem
Activities and service: Adventure travel and volunteering (Teaching at Resource center in Chitwan 4 weeks)
Country: Singapore.

Jo's Volunteering time in Kathmandu:

Teaching English at a Monastery in Nepal was a great experience and something that I will never forget!
Volunteering my time and helping others was a rewarding experience- not to mention a lot of fun!,
At my particular placement we were not expected to ‘work’ a full day. In fact we probably had more free time than most which allowed us time to interact with the monks on a social level and they were simply able to practice their conversational English- and their cricket skills. During the lessons, although not always 100% focused, there was an appreciation for our time and the benefits of learning English. The timetable for the Monks was quite demanding (long days- starting at 5am and finishing at 10pm) but they always seemed to have a lot of energy and were generally eager to learn English.
Getting to know the monks –particularly the older monks whom had a higher level of English was really good but also playing cricket and or chasey with the younger monks was great fun. They had a great sense of humour and always greeted you with a smile.
Having spoken to other volunteers about their experiences I can honestly say that FUN- Nepal is definitely trustworthy in my experience and most importantly reliable- which had been an issue for volunteers who had applied though other agencies.
It was really good to have the Nepali language lessons and cultural class. Although I wasn’t able to master Nepali in the short time I was able to learn some basics which came in very handy and also earnt some respect from the monks! Having some understanding of the Nepali culture was good in helping to avoid any embarrassing or awkard situations which may have arose if I was unaware of local customs or etticate.
The pre and post accommodation was a great change to the hustle and bustle of Thamel- the staff were fantastic and the food was great.
On my first few days I went sightseeing around Kathmandu with a student from the university who was acted as my guide me and was able to tell me some of the information about the area. I also went for a walk around the local area with another student and her brother which was really nice. They were able to take me to some of their favourite places, explain more about their culture all whilst eating street food and taking a number of detours- great fun!
Durign my time I also visited Chitwan National Park. After a bus ride along a road modeled on a bowl of spaghetti I arrived at Chtiwan National Park where I was picked up and taken to my hotel and then greeted by the staff and given an itinerary for the next couple days which included- a jungle walk, bird watching, an elephant trek through the jungle, a relaxing canoe ride, a visit to the elephant sanctuary as well as joining the elephants in the river to ‘help’ wash them whilst getting sprayed with water by the elephant.
I finished my time back where I began in the beautiful countryside. Kamal came with me to the airport and before I knew it I was leaving Nepal. But hopefully I’ll be back-maybe I’ll see you there!
Thank you.
Name: Jo Byrne
Activities and service: Adventure travel and volunteering (Teaching at Monastery – 2 weeks)
Country: Australia.

Barbara's Volunteering time in Chitwan:

Volunteer in Nepal and immerse yourself into another world, a world full of affection, heartwarming people, beautiful landscape…
I had no big expectations about the voluntary placement, but it turned out to be one of my best experiences ever. The Nepali language class and the cultural information at the beginning of my stay helped a lot to slowly approach the local lifestyle.
I was a volunteer at the IDEAL HOME family in Bharatpur/Chitwan. The IDEAL HOME is a ‘helpless women and children rehabilitation center’. I was given the possibility to be part of the family for 9 days, a time I’ll never forget!
Every day was unique and I was introduced in so many different parts of the Nepalese life, like birthday celebrations, cooking & eating, singing & dancing, sewing,… Additionally I got the chance to visit the local radio station, a primary school (and even teach there a short time), a college, the community police, a local bank,…
The time ran very fast and I took many pictures to remember everything and everybody!
Nepalese people tend to say ‘Come as a guest leave as a friend’ I’ve met many new friends and I hope to come back one day…
Thanks very much to Kamal and the whole FUN-Nepal team to offer me this once in a lifetime experience!
Thank you.
Name: Barbara Kumin
Activities and service: Adventure travel and volunteering (Women empowerment Program at Women club – 2 weeks)
Country: Switzerland.

Wanja's Volunteering time in Pokhara:

When I first arrived I felt that this country and its culture is a different world. And this is not only because it is a developing country, no, the people’s attitude is so different. They are openhearted and friendly, they share their thoughts with you even if they’ve just met you. You will never travel alone in this country, I love it.
And the hotel I stayed in the first week was also so nice; I loved to return to it the day before I left to Germany. But now to my stay in Pokhara:

My teaching experience in Pokhara.
The teaching was really fun, just go into a class, grab a book and start the lesson, trying to feed the students with information. I was responsible for class 6-9 in English. And I am grateful for that, because every class was totally different in their mentality.
Class 9 was very shy and it was quite hard to teach them, but also a good challenge for me.
Class 8 was the exact opposite, very open and I got very close to them, telling things about Germany and everything else they requested.
Class 7 was the fastest and most eager class to learn new things from me and the progress in the book was very fast. I loved to go their and felt fully accepted as a teacher, what a good class.
Class 6 was rather complicated, too many students making a noise pollution for just teaching with my unknown methods. So I had to adapt to the class climate there and figured a good way to handle them. They loved it, and so did I. Then it was absolutely no problem to teach there anymore.
Well, and in the afternoons I met my friends and did a lot of things together in this beautiful city.
And yeah, it was a great time and I learned so much from the culture and the people, I’ll definitely come again to this lovely country. Thank you.
Name: Wanja Peer Grohe
Activities and service: Volunteering at Teaching English at Secondary School- 9 weeks.
Country: Germany.

Rebecca's Volunteering time in Chitwan:

I came to Nepal not knowing what to expect but it turned out to be the most rewarding experience of my life.
First of all Kamal was wonderful and were to great lengths cliterally and figuratively to make sure I was comfortable. The first few days in the placement I wasn’t sure what to do with my self since there was no program in place and was staying with the people with an established daily routine who didn’t speak English Then Kamal came and made me realize that the trip was exactly what I would make of it then everything fell into place and after just 6 days and now have plans to work to fund a factory for the women in the empowerment program with their own work. This trip has truly changed my life and I hope I will be able to give the women ad much as they have green me. I will definitely be back to Nepal.
Thank you.
Name: Rebecca Krauthamer
Activities and service: Adventure travel and Volunteering ( Women empowerment program at Women club -2 weeks)
Email: rose34@stanford.edu
Country: USA.

Charlie's Volunteering time in Chitwan:

As a traveler, we keep on searching for new things – for that unbeaten path. We always wanted to go where no ordinary tourist go and wanted to experience what ordinary tourist cannot experience. Volunteering with travel adventure picked my interest in seeing the wonders of Nepal.
I was able to see some of the major attractions of Nepal through the program offered by FUN-Nepal. I was also able to volunteer in a farming community teaching Math and English and experienced firsthand how they live, what they eat, and how they observe their religious beliefs. Not only did I immerse myself in Nepalese culture learning their traditions, customs and beliefs but also gained a lot of friends and a new Nepalese family. It’s a travel adventure I will never forget and will always be cherished in my heart!
Name: Charlie Garcia
Activities and service: Adventure travel and Volunteering ( Teaching English and computer at School and village learning center 6 weeks)
Country: Philipins

Anthony's Volunteering time in Pokhara:

My Experience for Nepal was immediately obsolete as I arrived in Kathmandu. There is not much you can do to prepare mentally for such a trip but it helps to be greeted of the airport by Kamal. The First couple of days in Kathmandu served as an impotent ice-breaker before being placed at the monastery in Pokhara.
Upon arriving in Pokhara I was greeted by another member of the FUN-Nepal team and it helped enormously as Ram was add to ease me in to the monastery. Teaching English to monks with little practice in teaching was intimidating but I do not believe A could have been easier with such an obedient class. Being accepted into the monastery was not difficult, and yet it is my most proud moment yet.
Overall; I am thankful to Kamal for the opportunity had to live at the monastery. I recommended the Experience for any one looking for that spiritual, life changing event.

Name: Anthony Clavero
Activities and service: Volunteering at Teaching English at Monastery 2 weeks
Country: U.S.A.

Alice's Volunteering time in Chitwan:

It’s difficult to sum up my feelings of Kathmandu because there is such a strange mixture of them coming from England, Nepal initially seemed like another world but Kamal is a such a hero, he made me feel really welcome , Nepali people are so kind. Everyone says “Namaste” and help wherever it’s needed. Our taxi didn’t turn up so a stranger saves us a life to our destination. The hotel that I stayed in was incredible, I could see our entire city from my room and roof top restaurant. Ajaya and prem also helped me to settle in, feeding me Momo and Dal Bhat.
On the rooftop I took Nepali lessons with Deepa and Buddhi which helped me to understand some of the language that seemed like random noise to me. I ‘m still not great but I hope to improve after Nepali lessons, I went sight seeing with Madan. He is really knowledge so could tell me all about beautiful temples that we visited. We even went to the monkey everywhere. Luckily none attacked me! We also went for a long walk around kirtipur with Budhi It was so nice to not get stuck in a traffic jam as was so common in Kathmandu. There is a really old Hindu temple in kirtipur and the raves are traditional and sweet. The quarry just outside was fun to climb down but I can’t imagine working as hard as so many people where, smashing rocks by hand to sell and earn money. Kathmandu valley is so different to home but it is amazing…
Chitwan experience : My two months in Chitwan were the best two months of my life. Kamal and I got the bus there and I was really nervous at first to be staying with a Nepali family but it was the best part of my experience. My housefather knew a little English and my housemother knew none so I had to speak and understand Nepali. It was very difficult to start with but by the end I could nearly understand everything, even if I was unable to reply in Nepali. My family was so amazing and loving. There were four sons who were also lovely and I spent a lot of time with the youngest who is my age, living his life with him.
There are lots of national holidays in Nepal, which I hugely enjoyed with my family. Holi was the most fun where everyone gets colour thrown over them and sings and dances in the road. We also went to Bikram Buba, a shrine that is open for only fifteen days in a year and lots of goats are sacrificed. We had to walk through the river to get there and the smells and sounds when we reached it were fantastic. There were so many bells ringing and the incense tickled your nostrils.
In Chitwan, I worked at a health post in Gitanagar. I cycled there every day except Saturday, which is a holiday, and observed and worked with the health staff there. The health post was very basic and had only twenty-two medicines; it’s amazing how many illnesses and maladies can be cured but such a few number of drugs. A lot of patients came with wounds and cuts from road accidents or blocks falling on them whilst working, so we had to dress all of these. It was interesting to see how common vitamin deficiencies were and how a lot of health education had to be given on which foods to eat rather than prescribing medicine. Seeing how basic and how few resources there were at the health post made me admire the skills that the health workers all had as they could cope with anything even without the correct instruments. The staff were all very kind and also helped to teach me bits of Nepali and translated for me so I could understand the patients if it got too complicated.
I spent quite a lot of time at the local government high school as well, often just sitting in on English lessons and helping when it was needed. As it was exam time when I was there, Santosh – the local coordinator – and I spent nearly every evening teaching extra class in a small room which was normally used to keep chickens in. The children were so dedicated to their studies that they would sit by candle light when there was load shedding – the fixed power cuts that run for thirteen hours a day – and still do all their work.
Staying with my host family and being in Nepal for two and a half months was so fantastic and it was really sad to leave. I felt so comfortable and at home and had the best time ever. I can’t wait to go back and see everyone again.
Name: Miss. Alice Holland
Activities and service: Volunteering at Medical/Health, Teaching English at School and community learning center 10 weeks
Email: alice.holland@talk21.com
Country: England.

Soon to come!!
Soon to come!!
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