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FUN-Nepal is an organization that is providing the volunteers placement in different locations and communities throughout the Nepal. We accept the volunteers from all over the world to work in the field of Health and Sanitation, Teaching English (orphans, monks, school children, village resource center etc), Environmental Awareness, Cultural Exchange, Orphan and Disabled Assistance and many more. Currently we are operating the programs at different locations and working for extensive expansions of our program sites. We are liberal in the sense that we can accommodate you in a program of your choice and at the best locations of your desire. We respect your way of contribution to the people of Nepal and provide the chance to experience the Nepal and Nepalese via different adventure activities. We hope your way of experiencing the Nepalese landscape and its culture will stay within you throughout your life.

The volunteer opportunities are in the following areas:

Teaching at schools in Nepal:-

In this program, volunteers teach different subjects such as English, Science, Maths, and Social Science and so on depending on school curriculum (primarily English) at government school. Depending on the school, volunteers will either teach independently in class or with another Nepali helper teacher. Volunteers teach between two to four hours of 45-minute classes each period, six days a week (Saturday is holiday). Volunteers generally create programs to stimulate classroom lessons and improve students’ conversational English though different teaching methods. Volunteers engaging in this program will have some guidance of effective teaching in Nepali style although the volunteers can demonstrate new model of their own teaching style if that is applicable in Nepali government schools.
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Teaching at Community Learning Centers in Nepal:

The main intention of the Community Learning Center is to offer the community members, youths and specifically for the children having opportunity to develop their English language communication skills. This gives the children a special benefit of positive way of spending their time rather than spending over time in playing and doing unnecessary activities in the villages. FUN-Nepal’s Learning Centers offers English language instruction and cultural interaction program between volunteers and community children.
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Medical Health & Sanitation Program in Nepal:

The medical health program will mainly be in community hospital, community health post in rural village and other urban based hospital. The volunteer will help to hospital staff, share knowledge and vice-versa. Moreover, the volunteers’ duty will also be to aware local people about the health issues like making environment unpolluted and keeping house neat and clean as well as adjoining places. Likewise, the volunteer can also launch health campaign of first aid treatment and raising awareness of fatal diseases of HIV/ADS, Malaria and Swine flu as well as reproductive health at community level.
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Child Care & Orphanage Home Assistant in Nepal:

Taking care of children who are parent less and homeless is indeed the pure worship of God as a human being and it is felt a real humanitarian work in worldwide. Volunteers will be placed in an orphanage where they will live with the children. The children are mostly between the ages of four and eighteen, and the children may or may not have a basic understanding of English.
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Teaching at Buddhist Monastery in Nepal:

Lord Buddha is called star in South Asian countries like Nepal, Japan, Taiwan and so on. The country Nepal has been declared as secular country after establishing Federal Democratic Republic Country. However, there is overwhelming Buddhist followers after Hindu. Because of tremendous Buddhist people in Nepal, many monasteries have been established in different part of Nepal. So, within the Kathmandu Valley and outside places have popular monasteries which are historically important. The monasteries have been teaching Buddhist philosophy to the children though it is felt the lack of some English Language proficiency.
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Environment Awareness Program in Nepal :

The hot issues related to environment in this 21st century around the globe is a gradually changing climate and its negative effective to the human being is to be sensitized in global perspectives through experts and volunteers activities. The activities mainly happen in schools and community people about conserving environment in sustainable manner. In schools the volunteer instruct two to four hours each day(except Saturday) about the negative impact of the climate change such as Mountain and glaciers melting, Mountain Lake out bursting and environment pollution including water, air, sound and garbage pollution to the schools children.
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Woman Empowerment Program in Nepal:

Nepal is a small, beautiful and patriarchal country and predominated by male in all major roles in the society. On the other hand, women have been treated as a factory of producing children and limited them only into household chore. Actually, they have no freedom in the society and education status of woman in Nepal is very low. Nepal is the poorest country and listed into third world country. In Nepal female have no access to education because of conservative social structure. For example, female should not be educated and keep them only in household activities. Moreover, some societies still wouldn’t see positively if girls go to school.
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Home stay and Cultural Exchange in Nepal:

Home stays and cultural exchange programmers can be arranged in most areas of Nepal with our lots host families. Participants will be placed with a Nepali family in a small rural village for the duration of their stay. This provides the volunteers with an excellent opportunity to learn about all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, food and people. Volunteers should remember that this is a cultural exchange and that an effort to offer some knowledge of their own home culture and customs to the family with whom they stay is appreciated. During their stay, volunteers will attend 2 hours.
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- Administrative Support – To help in the office with fundraising, developing   the program and correspondence-
- Volunteers are welcome to design their own program in various areas in Nepal
- You are most welcome to work in any field and we will support you to   arrange all the necessary aspects of your placement in Nepal

If you have any questions Contact us we would like to hear from you.

“Those who Education Children well are more to be honored than Parents, For These Only Gave Life, and Those Art of Living well”.
- Aristotle-

"Volunteering for positive change in this world is a powerful context for life" -Volunteer Nepal

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