Our Mission

Our Vision
FUN-Nepal aims to become a popular non-governmental social friendly organization between the Nepalese people and people around the world.

FUN-Nepal’s vision is to extend the unity and mutual co-operation between the national and international social organizations to achieve aims such as contributing the skills knowledge and practices for the betterment of poor and disadvantaged people.

Our Mission
The mission of this organization is to run programs for the welfare of poor and disadvantaged people in Nepal. The program is based on the requirements and shortages of local communities and also follows government plans to increase community progression and development.

  • - To disseminate your knowledge and skills in the areas of education and learning, health and sanitation in schools in Nepal.
  • - To conduct environmental protection to reduce pollution to water, land, sound and air.
  • - To support and promote orphans by organizing education, health and care programs.
  • - To support and promote elderly care programs in Nepal.
  • - To support and promote female empowerment programs in Nepal.
  • - To help and support disadvantaged and disabled people in rehabilitation as well as their families.

Code of Conduct
All the staff and members of FUN-Nepal must express their Loyalty, reliability, even handedness, empathy, passion for the needs and satisfaction of all volunteers and community people in regards to developing the situation of backward people in Nepal.

Personal behavior and attitude of any involved person in FUN-Nepal which harms the reputation of FUN-Nepal will be treated in meetings. Courtesy and sensitivity are the most essential factors to being a part of FUN-Nepal.

FUN-Nepal is a non governmental, social, a non- benefited organization. The resources such as any instruments, equipment, funds etc belonging to FUN-Nepal except human resource can only be used according to the mission and vision. Ignoring the rules and regulation of FUN-Nepal by anybody involved here will result in the penalty and can be expelled from the organization as per its legislation.

“Let us have faith that right makes might and in that faith let us to the dare to do or duty as we understand it.”
– Abraham Lincon-

"Volunteering for positive change in this world is a powerful context for life" -Volunteer Nepal

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