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General Information about Nepal for Tourists

Hello everyone, if you are thinking for a vacation then explore yourself in Nepal. Here is all the information you would want. Starting right from the Visa procedure to buying the clothing.
It is a good idea to register yourself to the Embassy of your country. We would not mind you giving address of our Institution as the contact address in Nepal. For more details follow this link

VISA information for Tourists:
Visa can be obtained from the Nepalese Diplomatic missions or the consulates abroad. All residents from abroad, except for Indian Nationality, require a valid visa. Visa is also issued at Entry points. Visa can be extended on request at Department of Immigration at Bhrikutimandap Kathmandu.

Visa fee for all Tourists
15 days multiple entry=US $25
30 days multiple entry=US$ 40
100 days multiple entry=US$ 100

Note: Tourist Visa can be extended by paying US$ 2, or an equivalent Nepalese Rupees, per day. If you have more queries about Visa to Nepal, please visit the official site below

Getting to Kathmandu

By Air- Nepal offers an only one International Airport at Kathmandu. So, most of the international and many domestic flights starts or end here. Nepal Airlines provide a direct flight. However there are many airlines that offer flight to Nepal; many of them do not provide a direct flight. Therefore most of the people come to Nepal through Dubai, Bahrain, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Qatar or the India. Few of the airlines that provide a direct flight are Airways, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Austrian Airlines, Korean airlines, Korean airlines and Indian Airlines. All international flights to Nepal end at Tribhuvan International Airport, 20 min from the center of the capital.
Note: All volunteers are received at the International Airport by our representatives. Most international flights require confirmation 72 hours before departure. Try and obtain the confirmation telephone number before you go to your placement, so that wherever you are 3 days before you are due to leave you can easily confirm that you still have a seat.

On land:
There are two possible ways to enter Nepal overland –either through India or through Tibet, China. You can arrive Nepal by bus or train or both. Majority of these transportation brings you to the city. However, the timing may vary considerably. It is advisable to give us your bus schedule as soon as possible to help you out with the any endeavor.

After the arrival at Nepal

Our direct assistance right from the movement you land on Tribhuvan Airport. Our representative will meet you holding a placard with your name on it. Our representative will brief you about anything needed and will take you to your guest house. It will be easier for us to manage pick-up for you if you could possibly provide us your flight information. If you are coming by bus please inform us about your arrival time .Therefore it is requested to provide us your travel information as soon as possible for a prompt pick-up.

Volunteering in Nepal:
We have a good experience of getting the foreigners into a volunteering work. The number of hours you work depends on your choice of area and your willingness. Typically, volunteers work from 3—5 hours a day. However, the working hours can be extended if you want so. The timing depends upon your area of volunteering. Teaching in an orphanage or elderly-home or in monastery will usually start at 6:30 and ends at 9 in the morning. Some of the major areas of volunteering are listed below for your convenience:

The volunteer opportunities are in the following areas:
• Homestay and Cultural Exchange Programs-
• Teaching at school-
• Teaching at a Children’s Resource Center -
• Teaching Computer in a school-
• Teaching Monk – Teach at the Monastery and learn Buddhism-
• Primary Health Care Education – Health posts or health camp placements-
• working in Orphanages and homeless children’s center-
• Women empowerment program – Working at women club-
• Work in a Disabled Care Facility-
• Children and youth – At community
• Environmental & Sanitation Awareness – Ecotourism or working with green clubs-
• Administrative Support – To help in the office with fundraising, developing the   program and correspondence-
• Volunteers are welcome to design their own program in various areas-
You are most welcome to work in any field and we will support you to arrange all the necessary aspects of your placement

Application Process:
We would review as soon as we receive the completed form from you. We will also send you a conformation message through the email, once we receive the form.

Spam Filters:
Many volunteers use their University addresses at their contact email address and we have found that they have high security settings sometimes rejecting our emails. Ensure you set your SPAM filters to receive emails from FUN-Nepal.
If you have not received correspondence from our local staff within a few days, please check your JUNK inbox and reset your filters.

Program Fee:
We will send you the details of the available volunteering work with terms and condition. After you send your approval letter stating to comply with the terms and condition, we will send you our bank account details. You have a liberty to choose to pay through the bank account or can also be directly paid. However, it is very essential to gives us the information as soon as possible.

Typically volunteers stay in a local home unless they prefer to volunteer at orphanage or old home or monastery; in such a case they stay in the housing provided. Nepalese are well-known for the hospitality. We could assure to receive a warm caring by the Nepalese. However, the accommodation is typically Nepali and is very basic to the western standards. The rest-rooms and bathroom are also typical to Nepal. Also, the electricity supply can be reliable at many places.

Kathmandu has plenty of Internet Café. Every one of them charge the same kind of the rate. Please do not be annoyed at the speed of the Internet in Kathmandu. You still have to get through the very slow internet at other places. You shall be able to get in touch through the internet only once a week. Please get your friends informed about it.

Sight seeing:
We will take you to some places for sight seeing. However, you might want to go on your on few places. It is recommended that you get a our organization’s identity card, as it will help you to get the entrance fee waived at few places like Swayambhu, Durbar Square and few more. You would be in a better side if you put on non-leather clothing’s as many temples prohibit leather items inside their territory.

Nepalese rupees are the local currency. This shall be used at most of the cases. Approximately, US $ 1 is equivalent to 70 rupees, 1 Euro equivalent to 100 rupees, and 125 rupees to a pound sterling. ATM facilities are available on the bank on major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan etc. Credit cards, though accepted at many laces, incur 3-4% additional tax. Generally, $12-18 rupees is enough for food and accommodation in a budget Hotel/Lodge. Nepalese rupees are available at airport on arrival.

Buying clothing:
You might be tempted to buy the whole wardrobe as the clothing here might be very cheap for you. But our suggestion is DON”T. It is usual that the volunteer gains or looses weight here. So, have some patience before you leave for buying clothes. It is recommended that you take one of our staffs to go for shopping. You will be amazed at the bargaining that persists here. In addition, once you will learn to speak Nepali; you will be amazed at the discount given. Also, after you go around Nepal you will have reasonable estimate of the items. Similarly, our staff may help you get a better quality Pashmina or thankas.

If you want to read any books while in Nepal, you can easily get one from a second hand book-store near Thamel and if you want to buy new contact Mandala Books point in kantipath near Royal palace. They will also buy the same books or any other books you might have brought at half of the price you or have paid full.

There are a lot of places where you will get your laundry done at a very nominal price.

Immunization & Vacation:
As Vaccination requirement change frequently, we suggest to contact your doctor and have your health checkup at least 1 month prior to commencement of your tripe. So, stay fit to fully enrich your travelling experience. Visit your nearest traveler’s medical center to discuss your need. Ensure you have enough travel Insurance.
However, please refer to these for your vacation requirement. (Just for the general idea)
• Tetanus
• Diphtheria
• Polio
• Hepatitis A & B
• Typhoid
• Yellow fever
• Rabies
• Tuberculosis
• Malaria

If you have any questions Contact us we would like to hear from you.

“Those who Education Children well are more to be honored than Parents, For These Only Gave Life, and Those Art of Living well”.
– Aristotle-

"Volunteering for positive change in this world is a powerful context for life" -Volunteer Nepal

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