Nepal earthquake relief funding still arriving

As you may remember couple of years ago we'd the one-off opportunity to discover Nepal as a Volunteer via FUN-Nepal and live with its amazing people for some time, realizing how people, even if living with the most basic stuff, were still able to share everything with us. After being aware of the problematic and corrupted system which, unfortunately sometimes, characterize some of the biggest and most important worldwide NGO's that collect funding and the international bank transfers, both Paula and me decided to collect as much money as we could to later on send all of it directly to the people we had the opportunity to met and on whom we trust. The process was long and tedious but the goal was accomplished. Step by step, all the collected money is arriving to the right hands and being used in such an efficient way, so everything was worthwhile.

One of our nice Nepali friend, Mr. Kamal Paudel, known of Program Director at Friendship United Nepal (FUN-Nepal) a Volunteer organization, just got in touch with us to provide the details about how your kind donations have been used so far to help the people cursed by natural disaster.:

Dolkha and Sindhupalchok was main affected area from earthquake so we choose to help out;

1) Dolkha – Food items to the earthquake victims of Dolkha people through International Lion's Club.

Here are the details about what have bought and handed over to the International Lion's Club.
a) Rice – 32 Packs, (30 Kilos per pack,),
b) Curry Items - 12 packs, ( 7 Kilos per pack),
c) Bitten Rice- 12 Packs ( 20 kilos per pack),
d) Soaps ( Bathing) – 330 pcs,
e) Soaps-( washing)- 330 pcs,
f) Noodles – 200 pcs,
g) Salt – 75 packs – (1 kilos per pack),
h) Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) - 200 pcs,
i) Tripal/ Tents- 10 pcs,
j) Sanitary Pad – 200 pcs.

2) Kirtipur Boarding School Kirtipur, Kathmandu: To reconstruct School. It was damaged by earthquake.

3) To the earthquake victim single women in Kritipur to support her family and reconstruct her house.

4) School fee for 3 poor students who couldn't afford it after the earthquake.

5) Mandali Devi Primary School, Kavre. To develop School Library.

6) Panchakanya Low. Secondary School, Kavre. To facilitate drinking water supply, it was damaged from earthquake.

7) Purna Sanjiwani H. Secondary School. Kavre, To 22 earthquake victims Student's uniform. Who migrated from Sindhupalchok after earthquake.

You're doing all this possible. Thank you very much!!

This mission was succeeded via

Mr. Javi Fernandez,
Miss. Paula Rivas de Frutos,
from Spain and
Mrs. Roxanne Ayotte from Switzerland and FUN-Nepal Family, Kathmandu.

"Volunteering for positive change in this world is a powerful context for life" -Volunteer Nepal

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Nepal earthquake relief
As you may remember couple of years ago we'd the one-off opportunity to discover Nepal... more