Messege from director

Friendship United Nepal (FUN-Nepal) heartily welcomes you all to take a tour and have a participation in its volunteer and social service program.

Social service of wellbeing for mankind and a unique cooperation in a way of mutual understanding are typical features of human development. The conceptual framework for volunteer services and programs designed by FUN-NEPAL to serve the disadvantaged societies including women and children in Nepal are CONSTRUCTIVE and that absolutely will create a HARMONY between you and us to provide a complete SATISFACTION of your short tour to Nepal.

For all of our volunteers and supporters, whether you are from any country of any age and sex, we are delighted to serve you managing your safe and enjoyable tour. Ultimately, you will gain a huge knowledge about a small and beautiful country; NEPAL with a highly appreciation and enthusiasm.

As the “FUN–NEPAL” a non governmental organization, we are intended to facilitate you to make your excited tour successful in an educational and entertainment ways.

Iinnovators are widely spread over the world. We are happy to assist you from any corner. Visiting the website of FUN-Nepal for more information is undoubtedly interesting and informatics and your feedback will highly be appreciated.

I sincerely express my cordial thank you for your safe and enjoyable tour to Nepal with FUN–NEPAL. And you are most welcomed!

Warm Regards,

“We rarely think people have good sense unless they agree with us.”

"Volunteering for positive change in this world is a powerful context for life" -Volunteer Nepal

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